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Total Estimated Cost: $9500 CDN - Contribute

ATutor is both an LMS and a CMS. Content stored in ATutor, or rather exported from ATutor is available as standardized content packages that can be imported into other learning systems. The search tools already exist to find content within an ATutor installation, so now what is required to turn ATutor into a content repository is a set of Web services that will allow users to search through content from a remote location, and from that location be able to retrieve content from search results, and/or import content from the results into an ATutor course.

Two module will be created. One to allow remote searches, and the other to make ATutor content available through Web services:


1. ATutor Content Web Service Server  (ATutor Repository Module)

 spec goes here

2. ATutor Repository Search Module.

spec goes here 

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  1. Hi greg,

    I'm interested to discuss contributing to this project. Not with money but with development time, please contact me at the address below.

    da DOT webs AT gmail DOT com