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ATutor contains a few IMS components, such as, IMS Common Cartridge 1.0, IMS Question and Test Interoperability 1.2, IMS Basic Learning Tool Interoperability.  By using these standards, we hope that content created within ATutor can also be used in other system, given that they uses the same standard.  More information about the IMS guidelines can be found here,


IMS modules are included in ATutor as core modules, there are no additional installation needed.


The two significant IMS implementation can be found on the "Import/Export" under "Manage".  ATutor allow instructor level users to import external IMS packages, and to export local content to a IMS zip package. 

IMS Content Packages

IMS content packages related code can be found under


For IMS import, developers should look into ims_import.php, while for IMS export, developer should look at ims_export.php.  Here are a brief list of the files and a brief description of its purposes:

This file have all the namespaces uses for the IMS import.  This file is mainly used by the IMS validator.  These namespace should have valid URI otherwise validation will fail.  If IMS updates their schema links, this is the file we should update. 


Used by the IMS validator.  ATutor uses glossary with content, we created this xsd to import these glossary items into the IMS manifest so then validation would pass. 


This is used by the IMS validator to declare all namespaces we will use for the IMS components.  The namespace should match the ones declared in


Used by ims_export.php.  It is the template that generates the imsmanifest.xml within the IMS packages.  This file contains xml tags that should validate against all IMS guidelines. 

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