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ATutor Home

Developing Features

The following is a list of features currently under consideration, or under development. ATutor Community members are welcome to make comments or suggestions, or even submit their own specifications for consideration.

Supplementary Documentation

Additional documentation is available on various topics. Community members can also make their own documentation available here.

Adding New Pages to ATutor Wiki

Those registered on ATutor Wiki can add new pages through the Sandbox. When new wiki pages are ready to be linked into the site (developed drafts or completed documents), inform the ATutor team so they can be moved to their appropriate place.

Archive of Developing Features

Community Contributions

This wiki is a community resource, used to build on ideas, and document ATutor developments. Public contributions to the wiki are welcome.

Other ways of contributing include:
Share Modules
Translate ATutor
Design Themes
Help in the Support Forums