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problem to be solved

Bulk administration of user accounts as super administrator is not possible, and there are not enough variables available to sort users after.

Because of this user accounts that should not have access to the system are not deleted or disabled, and managing an installation with many and changing users is hard.

It may be a good idea to deal with enrollment as well, since currently administrators cannot manage enrollment. In a University setting it is the registrars who enroll students, not the instructors.

components of solution

Add bulk manage feature

Radio boxes need to be replaced with check boxes so bulk managing is possible. Possible bulk actions should be: disable, delete, confirm.

Add sorting by course membership

Super administrator should be able to sort users by which course(s) they are enrolled in. This could be done by a dropdown menu next to the search box. Courses does not need to be a column in the user table (see below: possible issues)

If users are participating in more than one course, the system needs to notify the administrator about this.

Add sorting by activity

There should be an option to sort users based on activity, to be able to disable / delete users that has never logged in, or not loggen in for X days. Many users register to try the system but never uses it, this is to be able to delete these accounts. How this best could be implemented needs further discussion.

Need to add a "last login" field to the `members` table. The field should only be visible to admins and to the account holder.

Add possibility for user categories

You should be able to categorise / tag users the same way you are able to categorise courses, and manage them according to category. Example: bulk disable all acounts in category "spring 2007 students"

Term is probably a bad example in a University setting, since you wouldn't want to change the category every term. A better use for this would be departments/faculties, where students would belong to different faculties of study. It would then be possible to restrict students to only courses for that faculty (provided that same field is added to courses). This would make using ATutor easier in large University settings.

Possible future development:

Administrators can be given access to selected categories of courses and users, but not all. Same could go for instructors. In other words: Department/Faculity specific administrators was also in the original discussion and may be a good thing to add.

possible issues

Adding more variables will make the table with user information very large. A solution could be to use different views / tabs with different data, for instance:

  1. user names (login, first, last) with status (as it is now)
  2. user names (login, first, last) with course membership and category
  3. user names (login, first, last) with access / activity variables

This needs further discussion.

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  1. Add Bulk Manage
    Agreed: Replace radio buttons with check boxes in admin users table and allow bulk delete, confirm.
    Add New disable option (could this be simple reset to unconfirmed, however if an account is to be reenabled, choosing confirm to reeable the account is not intuitive. How to best deal with "unconfirm")

    Add sorting by course membership
    I might suggest adding this as a a feature in the Courses table "View course enrollment" which sends the admin to the users table with a list of students enrolled in theat course. comments?

    Why would an admin need to know if a person is participating in more than one course? I would imagine a majority of students would be participating in more than one course. How might this be implement, if we decide to add it?

    Add sorting by activity
    Add a filter to and date selector to select by last login based on a new field in the members table "last_login"

    Add possibility for user categories
    I'm not sure how this could be implemented in an effective manner that would be adaptable to a full range of institutional scenarios. thinking aloud, one possibility is if categories are being used to sort courses, students could potentially be categorized into those categories. Access would then be limited to only the specified category. But, this becomes a problem for students who are partcipating in courses from multiple categories. Multiselect categories may be possible, to associate with students. But is that useful. Should we define student categories that differ from course categories, and what might those categories be used for?

    I'm still not sure about this one.

    The whole implementation of limited access to categories for admins, instructor, and students, is going to require some significant restructing. and perhaps it would be better to deal with this as a single project. Time is getting short for the sporing release, so this is probably not something we'll be able to implement the April release.

  2. Admins can already disable accounts.

    Enrollment should be its own section, but linking from courses should be fine.

    Last login sounds fine.

    Categories is not the same as Department which is not the same as Faculty.
    Courses and students should all belong to a single department. That way we can create sub-admins who can only manage their department. Using departments would be optional for the installation.

  3. The big issue really is how can admins manage enrollment. Think of how the registrar's office works.

    Admins with enrollment (or registration?) priv need to be able to easily add/remove students to/from courses.

    Another option can be added to a course (by the admin) as to whether or not the instructor may enroll students themselves. (default to disabled)

  4. Greg & Joel, regarding sorting by course membership: I often need to answer the question "which different courses does this particular student participate in", so I don't believe adding this as a feature to the courses table will help. I will not be able to answer my question without going through all the courses, which is what I have to do now (as an instructor). if I didn't misunderstand you..

    categories: please do not name this department, faculty or similar. many of us use Atutor outside of a university setting, and these terms does not fit for us, we need more flexible terms (say a category could be a department, it could also be an organisation, a time period, etc.) - think of it as tagging users.

    users need to be able to belong to several categories. one scenario for us: a user should be able to belong to the categories "fall 2007", "australia", "course in medical routines" at the same time, if neccessary. getting this right is crucial if we are to fund it.

    I understand if implementing limited access to categories for admins etc. will take to much time, and can not be implemented for the april release.

    also (I believe we had the same discussion last year) - we need the ability that instructors can add new users. do not remove! a registrar's office is not something we have, or wish to have, or will ever have. adding an enrollment feature to admins as well is fine, but do not remove the possibility for instructors to do this them selves.

    again, do not assume that all Atutor users (like me) work in university settings! (smile)

  5. So... some, but not all, of the features suggested is this oldish feature request, have either been implemented, or forgotten about.

    This page should be updated, or maybe removed.