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ATutor Assignment Manager

The Gradebook can be extended by creating and integrating an Assignment Manager. The Assignment Manager will function much like the current Test Manager, allowing instructors to define assignment properties, manage assignment documents and uploaded submissions, edit marks, and review statistics. As with the Test Manager, assignments can optionally be added to the Gradebook by choosing the Add to Gradebook option.

Instructor Assignment Manager

Instructors will be able to define an assignment much like a test is currently defined using the ATutor Test Manager. The Create Assignment form will be used to define a title for the assignment, a description, a start date, a due date, whether to allow late submissions, set a mark value or choose a marking scheme, choose whether marks from the assignment will be included in the Gradebook, and will include a utility to attach downloadable assignment related documents, either from the ATutor File Manager or uploaded directly from the instructor's computer.

Create Assignment Screen


In the example below the status of Assignment 1 Draft is listed as _Expired._When expired a student can no longer use the Student Assignment Manager to access the assignment, download assignment documents, or upload completed assignments (except when late submissions are allowed). See the Student Assignment Manager below for further details.

When assignments have been submitted they can be retrieved through the Submissionsscreen, access through the Results column. When submissions have been marked, summary statistics for the assignment can be reviewed through theStatistics screen.

Clicking on the Edit link in the last column of the Assignment Manager allows an instructors to change the properties of the assignment that were initially defined when it was created (or previously edited). Clicking Delete will remove the assignment, all its files, all submissions, and all statistics.

Assignment Manager Opening Screen


As students submit assignments, a number next to the Submissions link in the Results column indicates how many assignments are yet to be viewed by the instructor (in the above case "2" submissions have yet to be reviewed for the Assignment 1 Draft). Clicking on the Submissions link opens a table like the one shown below (Assignment 1 Draft Submissions). Instructors can click on the Viewlink to retrieve a copy of the submitted assignment files for a particular student, enter a mark for the submission, and provide feedback about the assignment to the submitter, if necessary.

Assignment Manager Submissions Screen

In the example above three assignments have been submitted, indicated by the View link being available so instructors can review submitted assignments. One assignment has been marked, indicated by the Pass mark in the Marks column. The two other submitted assignments are not yet marked, indicated by the NA(not applicable) designation in the Marks column. The forth listing shows that Jane Brown has not yet submitted the assignment, indicated by the empty cell values.

View Assignment Screen


In the View Assignment screen above theStudent Comments area is where comments from the student are displayed, or if a plain text submission was made, where the text of the assignment itself would appear. In the case above, three submitted files are available for download and review. Once reviewed the instructor may choose to provide feedback on the submissions, and either choose to have the student resubmit the assignment, or assign a number mark or select from the marking categories if available. If the student is asked to resubmit, new files submitted will replace the originals if they have the same file names, or they will be added to the originals if they have different names. If a resubmitted file has the same name as an existing file, the student will be asked if the new file should overwrite the old one.

Student Assignment Manager

When the current date falls between the start and due dates for an assignment, the assignment will become available in the Student Assignment Manager, after which students can read the assignment description and download the related documents.

In the example below, assuming the current date is 02/28/05, John Smith has 3 assignments to complete, and a draft to submit for the first assignment. The draft has been submitted and marked, indicated by the [Marked] label and the Pass mark. Feedback is also available from the instructor for the draft. Assignment 1 is Ongoing. Clicking on the title for Assignment 1 gives the student the brief description created by the instructor. Links for the assignment are active when the start date has passed but the due date has not yet been reached. The exception to this rule is when Late Submissions have been allowed for an assignment. Clicking on the links in the Files column produces a download of the Attached Assignment Documents that the instructor has included with the assignment, if they exist. Clicking the activeSubmit link allows a student to submit their assignment for marking.

Student Assignment Manager Screen

When students have completed an assignment, they will upload their work using the Submit link in the Submissionscolumn. This opens a submissions screen like the one below that allows a student to write a description into comments field. Or, if a plain text assignment is being submitted, it can be pasted into the comments field for submission.

When submitted by the student, the assignment will be listed in the Submissions column as _Unmarked._If the instructor chooses to provide the student with feedback about their submissions prior to marking, the feedback link will appear. The student can click on the Feedback link in the submissions column if feedback has been provided, and resubmit their assignment if required.

Submit Assignment

Documentation Update

The ATutor HowTo documentation will be updated to include instructions on using the new functionality described above.

Incidental Development

The Backup Manager will be modified to include assignments as part of a generated backup.

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