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Auto Enroll in Courses upon Registration

Supported by the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine 


A module that allows administrators to create a "trigger" URL that when followed allows students to enroll in a course or courses while registering on an ATutor system for the first time. Subsequent enrolments will follow the current method of attempting to access a course, and clicking "enroll me".

This functionality is available in core for ATutor 1.6.1

Administrator Tool

This tool will allow administrators to define a Title for a trigger, generate a random string for the trigger URL itself, and associate courses with a trigger. Any number of triggers can be created.

Two sub screens make up the module

1.Screen 1: Enrollment Triggers: A listing of radio buttons and current triggers, with associated courses displayed, and a description if provided, along with the URL that should be sent to potential students or copied into Web content. Edit and Remove buttons appear below the listings table. URLs will be of the form

The trigger will be a randomized string similar to the confirm registration string (e.g "A4E32R") to make it unlikely that a student could change the string to get a list of other courses.

2.Screen 2: New/Edit Trigger: Includes a text field that allows an administrator to define a title for the trigger, below that a list of courses associated with the trigger (if any are associated yet), each listing with a checkbox, all followed by a Remove button to remove courses from the trigger. Below that appears a section of the form much like the filter on the Browse Courses screen, but it will only display course titles in the output, along with checkboxes. Two buttons below the form will be Add Selected Courses and Done. The administrator can navigate between categories of courses and select from them on multiple occasions to add to the list displayed above. Clicking Done returns the administrator to Screen 1, where the new trigger will be listed as described above, along with a feedback message indicating the trigger was successfully created/edited (or not if errors occur).

Student Functionality

1.The student will click on a trigger link embedded in an HTML page, or copy the trigger URL from an email notification for instance, into a browser location/address field.
2.The ATutor registration form will then open with the courses associated with the trigger listed, though not editable, at the top of the form.
3.After completing the form and submitting it, the student's account is created on the system.
4.That account is enrolled in the courses associated with the trigger.
5.The student is logged into the system automatically.
6.The student is redirected to his/her My Start Page, where the courses will be listed.
7.The student clicks on course titles to enter those courses.

With Confirmation Email Enabled

In this case, students are not logged in automatically after registration, but rather after the confirmation step.

When Confirmation email is turned on, steps 1 to 3 above will be the same.

4.Student will click on the link in the confirmation email, which will include the trigger (&en_id=trigger) in addition to the confirmation code.
5.The confirmation screen then confirms that the account was successfully created, and a list of coursed associated with the trigger will be displayed along with a message stating that user has "...successfully confirmed the account and has been enrolled in the following courses."
6.Student click on "Go to My Start Page" on the confirmation screen, after which they are automatically logged in, and redirected to My Start Page, where the courses will be listed.
7.The student clicks on course titles to enter those courses


In order to immediately access courses from the student's My Start Page, course access must be set to public, or protected. If the courses being enrolled in are private, instructors will need to confirm the enrollments before the students can enter the courses, though the courses will still appear on My Start Page, but as Pending Enrollment. A message will be displayed informing the user that some courses that were enrolled in require approval (similar to enrolling in private course currently)

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