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Back up forums

(this is postponed and need further discussions)

the problem we wish to solve is both a backup feature and also a something to use for demonstrating how you organize discussions in web forums. many of our users are not at all tech savvy, and we often need to teach (and show) them things from scratch.

so we would like to export a forum / thread (under manage -> forums, or as admin) and import that into a different forum, to show how a typical forum discussion would look. we sould then need the dates it was written, who it was written by, the subject and content, and profile picture.

now, name and picture should not be related to that users profile in any way. there should be no link from the users name / pic to the users profile at all. this could also be said, e.g.:

from "Vegard A. Johansen (not active user)"

(which is not a link to a profile)

I don't know how much work this is, how smart it is, or if it is something you would consider, but atleast that is how I wish to use such a feature. for a plain backup we could just use copy & paste.

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  1. Anonymous

    The forum clean up should also remove the tables and replace them with div/dl/etc..

  2. under attachments are some CSS and markup mockups, tested in latest IE, FF and Opera only.

  3. Would the Forum Archive Module work for you for now. Find it on the Modules download page. 

  4. I haven't tried the module yet, but from the description it only gives us html files with the threads, which could not be used to restore a forum in a different course for instace. ideally you should be able to back up forums in the same way as content, but that said this is not a huge priority now.