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FHA Certificate Module

March 20, 2008
Supported by the Fraser Health Authority

This new feature will be an extra add on module that could be installed and enabled as needed. It will include one default certificate PDF template as part of the module (to be designed by FHA), that an ATutor system administrator can replace in the module file system via FTP.

The module will link into ATutor in the following locations:

1.Instructor's Manage Test & Surveys Sub menu
2.Student Course home page icons, main menu tab


If the module is enabled by the administrator, it becomes available as a tool in the Manage>Tests & Surveys sub menu. Instructors would enable the module for students by adding it as a student tool, either as a home page icon, or a main navigation Tab, or both.

On the opening screen of Manage>Tests & Surveys>Manage Certificates, Instructors are presented with a list of existing certificates that they can View, Edit, or Remove. Instructors can click on the Module sub menu link Create New Certificate to create a new one. On that screen the instructor would pick from the list of available tests to create a new certificate for that test.

[Create New Certificate] (sub menu link)

Instructor Manage Certificates Table
cert-id |test name | pass score | date

When a new certificate is created the fields below are populated with default values retrieved from the language table, which can then be altered by the instructor if necessary. The default language for the certificate can be altered by administrators using the ATutor Language Manager. Instructors can save, or modify these values to their needs for each particular course.

Instructor Create/Edit Course Certificates Screen

    Choose Test: (Select from available tests drop down)

    Certificate Template: default_certificate.pdf (single static PDF template)

Name of organization (Default: Fraser Health Authority)

Certificate Text: 1. Certificate of Completion (in large text)
              2. [TNAME]
              3.This certifies that:

              4. [USERMAIL]
              5. [FNAME] [LNAME]
  6. has completed the final quiz for (CNAME) with a score of [USCORE] / [OSCORE] on [SYSDATE].  

 7. ___________________

Pass Score: (provide value for one)
    ___ no score
    ___ score  or
    ___ percentage
    Enable Print Certificate:  
        __  No  
        __ Issue certificate if test is passed

Certificate Tokens:
USERID = ATutor Member ID (available but not used by FHA)
USERMAIL = Email address
TNAME = Test Title
FNAME= Firstname
LNAME = Lastname
CNAME = Course Name
USCORE = Users test score
OSCORE =Out of test score
SYSDATE = Date time of last attempt at passed test

Note: Logo has been removed from certificate properties. A single certificate template will be available with the module, but will not be modifiable by instructors. The default template itself will include the logo.

Note: Signature image has been removed. A signature will be added after the certificate has been printed out by the student.

Note: The pass score property will be added to the module, though the field will be redundant if the module is used with ATutor 1.6+. To accommodate this, a function will first check to see if there is a pass score field defined for tests. If yes,  tests' pass score values are used by default and the Pass Score section of the form above is replaced with a message that a pass score must be defined as a test property. If no, the instructor will be presented with the Pass Score fields (value, or percentage) added to the form and must define the score manually. If an instructor attempts to submit certificate properties for a system that has the pass score field (1.6+), but does not have a value defined, an error message is displayed, and the instructor must first define the test property pass score before continuing. In the event a certificate has been setup, and later the pass score is removed from the associated test's properties, those certificates will not display in Students' My Certificates table.


Students would click on the home page icon, or navigation tab to open their My Certificates screen to get a list of their certificates for that course. Listings would include the name of the test, and the  [USCORE] / [OSCORE] or percentage score followed by the date the test was completed. Students would select the radio button next to a certificate listing, then press the Download button, which would download the certificate for viewing or printing.  

Student My Certificates Table
test name | score/out-of or %score | date completed|

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  1. This module has been improved upon by the Norwegian centre for Telemedicine