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Total Estimated Cost: $3,500 CDN - Contribute

Epresence WebCasting and Video Archiving

E-Presence Interactive Media software is a content capturing, archiving, and webcasting system that delivers video and presentation media over the internet using multiple streaming formats for multiple platforms. ePresence also supports text and voice interaction among event participants.
ePresence Interactive Media consists of ePresence Media, open source software that supports media capturing and archiving, and ePresence Live!, a package which includes a choice of two support service packages, and support for live streaming.

The current E-Presence module for ATutor is a simple iframe module that allows the epresence tools to run standalone within the ATutor Frame. With the introduction of E-Presence Server 3.3, it's full range of Web services allow for a near complete seamless integration of the services into ATutor. The are a list of the Web services available through E-Presence, many of which will be written into the next release of thye E-Presence module for ATutor.

E-Presence Web Service

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