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Content Packaging Extension

*Extending Content Packaging to Include Tests*

A logical extension following the implementation of QTI support in ATutor would be to allow linking of QTI tests with content packages. Such an extension would allow instructors to associate tests with specific content pages so they appear in sequence with the topic content being presented. An option to embed a test in a content page, or link to a test in the Test Manager will be added.

Associating tests with content also allows the extension of content packages to include as a resource a QTI test package, giving instructors and content developers the ability to assemble complete learning units with content and assessments bundled together in a single content package.

To accomplish this extension of content packaging, a utility will be added to the Content Editor that will allow an instructor to choose from the available tests in a course, and either embed the test in the content page being edited, or create a link to the test via the Test Manager.

The current Content Packaging tools will be extended to identify tests that have been associated with a content page, and package those tests with the content when a content package is exported.

As part of this extension the content packaging utility will be upgraded to support the IMS CP 1.1.4 specification, from the current CP 1.1.3.

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