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LDAP/Authentication Directory Adaptor

Some initial work has been contributed by desiv on, writing the code to allow ATutor to authenticate against an external LDAP directory server. The goal of this project is to create a general adapter that will authenticate users against any directory service, in addition to current LDAP support.

We have not yet tested the code, but all accounts indicate it works fine for authenticating against an LDAP directory.

Download LDAP Adaptor

LDAP Adaptor for ATutor Discussion


ATutor changed or new files for LDAP
The ldap.php is the file from the OSU Helpdesk (which is OSS as well) that I have tweaked a bit to work here.
I added the LDAP specific configs there, except I put a LDAP define in with an include if defined.
This way, you can turn the LDAP define to 0 and it uses the local database and the original screens.
If you set it for 1, it tries to use LDAP authentication (except for the Admin user created with the ATutor install).
I've done some basic testing and it's working well so far, but we haven't gone production yet.

I want to clean up the error if you enter an invalid username or password with LDAP.

I also plan on adding an LDAP query that pulls the user name and email and fills them into the database automatically,
but that isn't required to go live, and my manager wants to go live soon. (smile)


ldap.php *New File with LDAP defines and functions



login.ldap.tmpl.php *Created New based on login.ldap.tmpl.php
reg.ldap.tmpl.php *Created New based on registration.tmpl.php

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  1. Anonymous

    Which version of ATutor is this intended to work with? Stable or bleeding edge?

  2. Its probably a couple years old now, which would put it at about V. 1.4.3, though authentication hasn't changed since then so it probably still works with current versions of ATutor. It was posted to a forum by a community member.

    It's been added here in the hope someone would adopt it and continue developing it, or would put up the funds to help develop it into a proper ATutor module.