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The Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine (NST) uses Atutor as platform for online courses targeted towards medical students and health professionals. In addition to courses Atutor is used for self help groups and as a project tool. At NST Atutor is loosely integrated with a CMS and a systems for online booking of videoconferences for open or private lectures, and provides a vital part of a web service providing health workers and patients with different tools for competence building and knowledge management.

Atutor was chosen as preferred LCMS because of it's speed and the flexibility to turn content and modules on and off, providing many posibilities to use one system to adress many different target groups and needs. The rapid development, easy customization to and easy upgrade were also vital for the decision.

NST has used Atutor exclusively as LCMS for 2.5 years for 50+ courses, groups and projects, and has participated in funding the further development of several modules and features, most prominently the file storage module, forum editing, forum avatars and auto enrollment. NST translated the system to Norwegian, and are currently maintaining this translation. NST created the Atutor Redux theme, and are maintaining it.

See for further information. At the time only in Norwergian.

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