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note: now available in core

Problem to be solved

The messaging system only has an inbox, no outbox / sent folder making it impossible to review sent messages.

  • add a field to the DB for sent messages and display it like incoming messages are displayed
  • probably change name from "Inbox" to "Messages"
  • also replace the input editor as described in refine input editors
  • sent messages life of 120 day (the length of an average semester +)
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  1. If support for Sent Messages is added, then we'll have to add an admin feature to prune messages.

    Using the Inbox as a replacement for IM could easily create hundreds of messages in a short time and would create big problems for an often used installation.

  2. User should be able to delete there own message. Admins deleting message could potentially be a problem, given messages are generally private. Perhaps a limit on the number of message that can be stored in sent and inbox messages would be safer.

  3. Anonymous

    A limit would be difficult to keep. What happens when someone tries to send you a msg while over your limit?

    A warning saying that msgs past 60 days are deleted automatically is fine. Or allow them to save individual msgs, but limit to a certain number of them.

    Either case allowing unlimited storage of msgs will create problems.

  4. I like the last idea (from anonymous) - warn that messages are deleted after N days should be fine.