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Themes change log

ATutor 2.0.3

  • Moved all the styles from the photo gallery's module.css file, into the theme styles.css file. Too may to list them all here. See the section at the end of one of the stock themes that come with ATutor, and copy that section into your theme's styles.css file.
  • Changed the styles to a styles to correct an issue with improperly nested heading elements.
  • added stylkes to rtl.css to better align images and text in the detailed view boxes that appear on the home page and student Tools page

ATutor 2.0

There is no direct upgrade path from the 1.6 series themes to the 2.0 series themes. See the theme designer documentation in the ATutor Handbook and start creating a new theme.

ATutor 1.6

  • Modified themes/default/login.tmpl.php to adapt admin password encryption
  • line 08: document.form.form_password_hidden.value = hex_sha1(hex_sha1(*document.form.form_password.value)* + "<?php echo $_SESSION['token']; ?>");
  • Added $this->icon for a course icon path

ATutor 1.6.1

  • Added group_form fieldset and legend styles to conform with WCAG 2.0
  • Added inline javascript after the reference to sha-1factory.js:
  • Changed onclick attribute for submit button to:

(both changes in /theme/login.tmpl.php)

ATutor 1.6.2

  • Added check for "allow registration" system preference setting to hide registration box in login.tmpl.php
  • Added check for "allow unenroll" system preference setting to hide unenroll link from users/index.tmpl.php

Preference changes in 1.6.2

  • Search for "<div id="breadcrumbs">" and wrap the code below around this div
  • Search for "if ($this->guide)" and change if condition to:
  • Search for "<div id="sequence-links">" and wrap the code below around the content of this div
  • Add in the code below before section"<div id="content-text">"(content.tmpl.php)
  • Add in the code below (styles.css)
  • Adjust the code below (registration.tmpl.php)

    Find this line:

    Change it to:

ATutor 1.6.3

  • add to styles.css

*add to head area of include/header.tmpl.php calls javascript files
Add before this line:

Add in:

*remove the old overlib line after the body element in include/header.tmpl.php

* add just social if statement around the jump menu in include/header.tmpl.php to hide it when ATutor is used in ATutor Social mode

ATutor 1.6.4

  • One of the main changes in themes for this version is the moving of the old submenu links, that appeared below the main navigation tabs across the top of the screen, down to the very bottom of the header.tmpl.php file so they are rendered as another set of tabs that sit on top of the tool container, that sits in the content area and wraps around wherever tool might happen to be opened. The block of code to move from its current location below the <div id="topnavlistcontainer">, to the end of the header template file is:

The other half of this change is the styles added to the end of the styles.css file for the theme. these styles are as follows.

To accommodate the width of the new submenu toolbar, the width of tool screens/panels have been updated in many places to a consistent width of 95%. Set any tables or divs that wrap around a tool to 95%. The new toolbar sits on top of the various tool panels.

* After the javascripts in the head area of the include/header.tmpl.php include this javascript to ensure jQuery scripting does not conflict with other existing scripts.

  • Add in slow collapsible menus to header.tmpl.php

    To add slow collapsing menus, replace the toggleToc() function with the new one:

    Change it to:

  • add more javascript functions to the script area in the header.tmpl.php file to control folder toggle open/close icons
  • In header.tmpl.php &, replace all occurances of $_SESSION['course_id'] with $this->course_id

ATutor 2.0

* change the path in the default/test_questions/matchingdd.tmpl.php from

* add course categories array to themes API

* change "sequence-links" in the default/include/header.tmpl.php from

* change "sequence-links" definition in the default/styles.css & default/print.css from

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