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1. Create an account on GitHub (
2. Go to the ATutor repository (
3. Click on "Fork" to create a copy of the ATutor source code in your account.
4. Setup a Git on your local system ( )
5. From your local development environment issue the command 'git clone' (replace USERNAME)

Also See Git Tips and Tricks


Keeping your fork up-to-date

(see: Fork a Repo)

Forking a repo on github is pretty easy, there's a button for that. However they do not provide a UI for keeping your fork up-to-date with the parent (upstream) repository.

To keep your fork up-to-date, you'll need to act as an intermediary, shuttling the updates from the upstream repo to your fork. This is handled through git's fetch, merge, push, and remote features.# assumes you have already created a fork of a repo

Issuing a Pull Request

(see: Sending Pull Requests)

Managing a Pull Request

(see: Sending Pull Requests)

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