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The OpenSuse guys are doing great job creating an edu Add-on DVD for Open suse GNU/Linux. ATutor has been recommended as an addition to the collection of tools gathered on the DVD. Comment on including ATutor in the wishlist

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An aggregator of RSS feeds about web accessibility is now available. It aggregates posts from many highly relevant blogs and sites concerned with web accessibility. Suggest new feeds, if you know of others.

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Linux Center trained approx 25 teachers to use ATutor in their work regardless of the fact whether they work with kids with disabilities or not.  We assumed that accessibility must be starting point because in any sitiation people with disabilities should be allowed to see and enter the course created in ATutor.

Visit the Linux Centre for more details

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The Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society of Republic of Serbia put on its site news that ATutor received IMS award and that it is translated on Serbian language by Linux Centre from Belgrade.  Ina few hours after information is published several people required infromation about documentation on Serbian about ATutor from Linux Centre from Belgrade.

Infromation is published on Serbian langauge and you can find it here 



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It was announced today that the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) Candidate Recommendation is available. This means WCAG 2.0 is virtually stable, apart from a few "at risk" items that may be removed if there are too few implementations. The goal at this stage in the release cycle of the guidelines is to document implementations.

W3C Press Release

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Linux center will use ATutor in work with people with disabilities (palsy, visual imapirments, neuromusculra imapirments) with aim to develop practise of concrete use with people with disabilities.

If someone does have concrete experience in this field, developed guidelines for teachers, instructors etc. we would appreciate that

However, we are willing to share our experience as soon as  it will be possible to share it.

Vedran Vucic 

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Linux Center is writing manual for ATutor with a lot of screenshots and explanation of its functionality.  Manual will be completed in two weeks.  If there are any users of ATutor from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia or other countries with people that understand Serbian language, who would like to use that manual for their work or writing their own manuals please feel free to contact me.

I will be more than happy to give you editabel file so you can print it out, modify it , distribute, you name it.


Vedran Vucic 

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The Blackboard patent took one step closer to being invalidated. Though not the final decision, all indications are the patent will be thrown out, pending comments from Blackboard and Desire2Learn.

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Center for Interactive Pedagogy and Linux Center from Belgrade in Serbia are conducting educational project on mentoring teachers in primary schols. ATutor is used as the main platform for the courses since the basic criteria is that the course software must be accessible. More than 20 teachers from the primary schools will be trained to use ATutor and to undergo mentoring processes in order to more develop their educational activities. The courses are written on Serbian language and ATutor was translated on Serbian so teachers who do not speak English may use it efficiently.

ATutor with those courses is installed on teh following address:

Vedran Vucic

Linux Center

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While there is some merit to Blackboard's pledge, it still falls short, not protecting all those who provide services in support of open source systems. In particular, it fails to protect those who develop extensions or customizations for open source systems who might also offer other support services, and it fails to protect internet service providers who might offer any of these open source systems along with proprietary software as part of an applications package for their clients.

The pledge does not protect other currently available open source systems not in their list of protected initiatives. Allowing Blackboard to specify which open source systems can be legally used would essentially give them a level of control over public domain and open source learning systems software.

The restrictions in the pledge regarding bundling of open source software with other proprietary software are not compatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL), under which most open source learning management systems are made freely available to the public. Developers of proprietary software are free to "aggregate" open source software with their own for redistribution under the terms of the GPL license. Blackboard's pledge does nothing to prevent use of the patent to override this otherwise legal method of distribution and leaves both the open source developer and the proprietary company open to the risk of litigation.

Similarly, should an open source developer create proprietary software of their own, they could not distribute their own open source software along with it.

All that said however, the patent should not have been issued in the first place, given the evidence of prior art which includes all features Blackboard is claiming ownership over. We still believe the patent should be revoked, and thus the pledge would be rendered irrelevant.

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We're finally live. As of January 30 the ATutor Wiki is public. Community members can participate in ATutor's development

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